Dixit, Timeline and Fluxx

We spent Saturday morning watch episode after episode of Table Top, and we were inspired to acquire some new games.  Dixit, Timeline and Fluxx were at the top of the list.  I also ordered Small World and we will hopefully be able to play that next week.

timeline-gameTimeline is a simple, fun game for kids (and grown-ups) who like history and discoveries.  It is great to watch the kids using deductive reasoning skills and references from literature, books and movies to place dates the cards in order.   Timeline is beautifully illustrated, and even has an ipad app!


Fluxx is a super fun easy to play card game.  The rules begin simply: draw one card, play one card.  But you can’t get used to those simple rules, because they’re always in FLUXX!  Throughout the game, players play cards that change the rules for how many cards to draw, how many to play, how to win the game and more.  Fluxx comes in several different versions, and every game is different, making the replay value very high.


Take a peek at a board game review of Dixit, a beautifully illustrated story telling game.

Don’t forget that we meet at the Old Town Hall in Somerset, MA (USA) on Rt. 138 next to the library every Tuesday from 12:30-2:30 PM unless otherwise noted on our Facebook Page.

Hope to see you there!


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