PAX East

If you’re a fan of games, any kind of games, and live in New England, you should consider going to PAX East, and possibly even bring your kids.  It is more family friendly than most cons.

PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo that features up and coming video games, tried and true franchises, board games, card games, dice games, role-playing games, game consoles, rooms filled with people playing games, arcade classics, music, shopping, panels and other nerd-fun.

Here are some pix of our family’s visit last year where we picked up Zombie Dice, Bears!, and Munchkin accessories.


So check it out! You’ll have fun with the whole family, and maybe even play Dance Central in front of God and everyone!


2 thoughts on “PAX East

  1. Not only are there games of all sorts to buy but PAX has a huge expo floor with hundreds of booths from all corners of the video game world with amazing props, giveaways, and hands on video game sneak peeks that will keep the younger kids entertained. There are also in depth discussion panels throughout the weekend for the adults and older family members. Most importantly of all, and it is the main reason I look forward to PAX, is the sense of community that may be hard for the geekier kids to find in either homeschools or public schools.

    Better act quickly they do tend to sell out.

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