Snow day?

So today we woke up and geared up for a great day.  Kids were so excited about the snow storm that the energy was just coming off their bodies. Fridays are supposed to be the days we work on the Gillies Gazette so at breakfast Quinn held his “staff meeting” deciding what to write about. All sorts of great ideas circled around the table but strangely enough not the snow storm. I mentioned that perhaps they might want to talk about something happening in the news and that was when it hit them “THE SNOW” they all exclaimed. Little did I realize how fun this day would truly become.

They got a notebook and decided who was going to write about what. Cole would write about “Before the Storm” and Meghan would write about “After the Storm” and Quinn wanted to write about “During the Storm.” Next thing you know they are getting weather updates from the North Shore calling their grandparents. “Quinn Gillies from the Gillies Gazette- What are your current weather conditions?” Cole went onto ask what preparations did they make? And Meghan said she’d have to call them when the storm was over to discuss the “after.”  We then went outside and did little videos “live” from our backyard. The Weather Channel quickly went on when we were back inside and lucky for modern technology we were able to pause the TV so that Quinn could take notes about what the conditions were in New York City, Revere Massachusetts and more.  The kids continue to gather data, as well as discuss what is going on. They made more videos this evening and are gearing up for putting it all together.

It’s truly amazing what they can learn when its fun and interesting to them. In between outside time we played with marbles and built cool marble runs. Gluten free brownies were on the menu for dinner (well they were supposed to be a snack but we just ate backwards- dessert first!). Measuring, reading the recipe,and working as a team became a post shoveling activity. Heck even shoveling became a team effort. Quinn led the team of kids directing them how to shovel, which direction to go in to maximize the snow removal. It truly was amazing to watch this all take place.

So- even though our town had a snow day- we seem to be learning 24/7 , 365 here and I think that is what I like most about homeschooling. We do it naturally every day and well that works for us.


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