Animation Unit Study: Part 1

I have put together my first ever unit study for the 5th grader.  I’m sharing it here.

Unit Study on Animation

Day 1:

Teacher’s Guide Series: Animation from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences (i.e the Oscars people!)

Activity 1: The Origins of Animation

Horse in Motion: 1878


Ask student to create his own “flip book.”  I had my son watch these for inspiration:

 (stick figure, simple)

 (Gangnam Style, elaborate)

This is what he came up with:

Comprehension: Have student do this activity

Writing: Have student write about what s/he learned (Journal)

Here’s Luke’s:

Today we learned the history of animation. I learned that the first animated film was “stop motion”.  A man wanted to know if a horse goes airborne when it runs. (It does).  I also learned that one of the first films had cartoon characters.

Then I listened to Hugo as an audio book.  The story I was listening to is called Hugo Cabret. The story was about a boy trying to make a kind of a robot. It’s a great story and I really enjoyed it.

Science: Learn more about the  Persistence of Vision experiment

Geography: France

We used the France: Enchantment of the world books by Scholastic (Don Nardo and Liz Sonneborn respectively) from the library.

A Ticket to France  by Tom Streissguth.

Discovering  Geography: Maps by David L. Stienecker

Just for fun, read Hugo Cabret or watch Hugo. It highlights the work of Georges Méliès.

More to come on this.  Stay tuned for parts 2-3.


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