Playing with letters

I have had many people over the years ask me how I got my son to read so early. By the time he was 2 he was already reading books. It was actually quite easy and quite fun for all of us. Ever since he was born I have read to him, but even more importantly I introduced him to the alphabet. I would always play games with my son using letters and words, so he was always playing with letters.

He had bathtub letters, alphabet puzzles, flashcards, books and even legos. Every time we played with legos I would make letters or words.


It just became so natural that lego time became word time that it was always fun for him.

I also made letters for him out of cardboard that were about six inches.


These letters were great because I got to reuse some old diaper boxes and he was actually able to tangibly use letters. These letters became toys and he loved them.

But I think the biggest thing that helped him to read was something I call pink words.

pink words

These were words I printed out on basic card-stock  I actually got the idea because of magnetic poetry. Every time people would come to my house they would always end up rearranging the magnetic poetry on my fridge. So I figured if adults liked to play with words so much, why not my son. Well these became his favorite toy. I printed out 186 words in the first batch, and by the time he was 19 months he was able to read 174 of them. I printed out 4 more batches and today we have over 500 words. And he still loves them at the age of 5. We actually make out stories now with all the words.

He was able to explore words and letters through play and quickly picked up on the letter and phonetics of the letter every time I repeated it. But the only reason he liked it so much is because it was play, I never tried to push him to read, I just exposed him to letters and he taught himself.



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