Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

We took some of the OTB Homeschoolers into Boston last weekend to the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston. They were at the tail end of their 80’s exhibit, and also had a special showing of the Academy nominated animated shorts (perfect for the animation unit we’re working on with the big guy!)

In the lobby

In the lobby

We had been to the ICA before with our kids to see the Shepherd Fairey exhibit a couple of years ago, and we loved it.  This visit did not disappoint.  We had to get advice from the staff about what areas of the exhibit were rated PG, because some of the material was unsuitable.  But they were very helpful and told us that it was very easy to avoid questionable material and still enjoy the exhibit and the rest of the museum.  It was fun to watch what the kids were drawn to and interested in.  The museum has a dial-up audio-tour that was easy to use and fun for the kids to listen to if they wanted more information about a piece.

Exploration and friendship

Exploration and friendship

In addition to the fantastic art pieces, the ICA is located on the Boston Harbor with a hallway lined with floor-to-ceiling windows. They have a wall facing the harbor lined with benches against a wall inviting you to sit and appreciate the natural beauty of the great outdoors.


Fascinating exhibits and beautiful scenery

We got ready for the animated films, and they did not disappoint. I think my favorite was Adam and Dog by Minkyu Lee.  Head over heals also had me shedding a tear or two.  Of course Paperman, which won, is brilliant.  But I probably would not have taken the chance to see the other two without this event.

Here’s the hubby’s take on the films, and links to all of them.

Waiting for the Academy nominated animated short films

Waiting for the Academy nominated animated short films

A really worth-while day at the museum. The ICA regularly has free events for families with children of all ages.  I highly recommend you take advantage of them if you can.  It is located just a few short blocks from the Boston Children’s Museum, and with all the exhibits on the top floor, it makes it a doable activity for a family with mixed aged children.  Plus, admission for kids under 17 are always free!

As always, I love your comments and suggestions!  Where should we bring the OTBHers next?




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