Young People’s Concert at New Bedford Symphony

Monday I took my two OTB Homeschoolers to the New Bedford Young People’s concert.  Although the kids had been to the symphony once before in Boston for the Zelda concert last year (which was awesome), this was our first time at a local symphony.


From the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra’s website:

The Young People’s Concert series introduces elementary students to the live performance of classical music. Modeled on the famous program popularized by Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic, the Young People’s Concert series utilizes music that is especially accessible and interesting to children. The conductor explains the musical pieces and asks students questions to get them engaged in the concert. Most importantly, students have fun listening to classical music. After the concert, teachers use the concert experience to enhance their curriculum. The NBSO provides a teacher’s guide that provides lesson plans and creative educational ideas to help educators take full advantage of all that the program has to offer.


Here are the materials they offered to have the children visualize contour before the performance. The kids were asked to draw something incorporating one of these lines.

We went to the 12 pm performance, and I will be honest, my 13 year-old was initially dubious that he was going to enjoy himself (*sigh* joys of teen-dom). It was obvious to me that the NBSO had gone to great lengths to make this a kid-friendly and educational performance. There was a slideshow with trivia relating members of the strings family to members of the Simpson family and information about the different instruments in a visually appealing way.

Mr. Grumpy on the right

Mr. Grumpy on the right

The performance started, and all of my older son’s concerns about enjoying himself quickly vanished! The orchestra was professional and excellent. The music was compelling, short pieces that were somewhat familiar. They continued to have visuals on a large screen above the orchestra that incorporated some of the children’s drawings while explaining the concept of contour.


Both of my kids really enjoyed this concert.  It was both fun and educational.  You can tell that they have been doing this for a while!


Ah, much better!

What field trips are you planning for your kids?  Tell me about it in the comments.



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