The Gillies Gazette Vol 2

Quinn, Meghan and Cole continue to enjoy writing and I think it’s due in part to our newest venture, The Gillies Gazette. They work as a team, do research, do creative writing and learn editing and spelling. They share the newspaper with family and friends and gain a sense of pride over their own writing. They practice their typing skills and they gain control over what they write about. Cole continues to love to research animals. Meghan enjoys all that she does and wants to share those experiences with the reader. Quinn loves writing about sports and loves to do hands on research. This newspaper has truly been a gift to our family. Thank you Quinn for coming up with this great idea!- Love, Mom (aka: Allie Gillies) If you didn’t get a chance to read the first edition check it out here.

The Gillies Gazette

Volume 2- March 1, 2013

The Super Super Bowl

During this year’s Super Bowl we had two champion teams The AFC Champion Gillies Gorillas and The NFC Champion New Mexico Lions! In this game all of the players used teamwork to try to win the Super Bowl! But as everyone knows there can only be one team that will win. The Gillies Gorillas have a great offensive advantage with wide receiver John Gillies, quarterback Mike Gillies and Tight End Tomm Gillies. The New Mexico Lions have a defensive advantage with Safety Alex Suh with 15 interceptions this year and Defensive Tackle Tim Britt. Before the game started we interviewed quarterback Mike Gillies. This is what Mike had to say: “Offensive power is what we need and that’s what we have.” Now that we told you about the teams let’s get to the game.

The Super Bowl is being played at the stadium of the Maine Lobsters. The coin toss was won by the New Mexico Lions. The New Mexico Lions chose to receive and to defend on the right. They received the ball and ran up to the 41 yard line. At first and ten, they threw a deep pass but it was out of bounds. At second and ten, the quarterback was sacked at the 31 yard line. On third and twenty they threw a deep pass, it was caught at the 45 yard line and he went down at the 50 yard line. At fourth and one The New Mexico Lions punted the ball. The ball was kicked high and caught by John Gillies at the 25 yard line and returned to the 50 yard line. At first and ten, quarter back Mike Gillies threw a deep pass which was caught at the 20 yard line and down at the 10. First and goal and The Gillies Gorillas ran the ball to the 2 yard line. On second and goal there was a short pass which was caught in the end zone. The first touchdown of the Super Bowl! The extra point attempt was good; the Gillies Gorillas now lead 7-0. The Gillies Gorillas kicked off the ball but it went out of bounds at the 29 yard line. The New Mexico Lions start with the ball on the 45 yard line after the penalty. On the Lion’s second drive they made it to the Gorillas 25 yard line and attempted a field goal. The ball went wide left and it was no good. The Gorillas second drive took up the remainder of the quarter with lots hard running.

Now we are starting the Second Quarter. The Gorillas are unable to make a first down and punt the ball away. The Lions start with the ball deep in their territory but are unable to make a first down and they punt the ball. Here’s the kick and it’s on the way to John Gillies he waits at the 30 yard line and he returns it all the way to the end zone. What a touchdown by the Gillies Gorillas! After another successful extra point the Gillies Gorillas have 14 points and kickoff the ball. The Lions return the ball to the 35 yard line. During this drive the Lions have successful runs and a play action pass which gets them to the 5 yard line of the Gorillas. At first and goal the Lions do a left run and get a Touchdown. After a successful extra point attempt the score is now Gorillas 14 and Lions 7. The Lions Kickoff the ball to the Gorillas at the 25 yard line and it is returned to the 45 yard line. The following drive the Gorillas throw an interception on the next play by the Lions they also throw an interception. The two teams battle back and forth with short drives and long punts. Finally the referee yells: “Two Minute Warning!” The Gorillas have the ball on their 40 yard line. Mike Gillies throws a quick slant to tight end Tomm Gillies who is wide open and he runs it in for a touchdown. That was The Gillies Gorillas third touchdown! Now it’s time for half time.

The half time show was awesome, but now it’s time to get back to the game. Now we are starting the Third Quarter. The Lions kickoff the ball to the Gorillas, they return it to the Lion’s 45 yard line. The Gorillas have a three and out and punt the ball to the Lions. The Lions start at their 20 yard line and have great success with their running game. After five running plays they are to the Gorillas 20 yard line. At first and 10 they confuse the Gorillas with a play action pass and get another touchdown. The game is now tied at 14-14. The Lions kickoff the ball down to the Gorillas 15 yard line and the Gorillas return it to the 25 yard line. During the first play there was a short pass intercepted by The Lions at the 35 yard line. The Lions are now in great field position and start with a short pass caught at the 32 yard line and downed at the 30 yard line. On third down the Lions do a medium pass down to the 25 yard line. On first down from the Gorillas 25 the Lions run left and straight into the end zone for their third touchdown. They now lead 21-14 the Gorillas are getting nervous. With only two minutes left in the third quarter quarterback Mike Gillies throws a deep bomb to a wide open wide receiver down the sideline that runs it in for a 75 yard touchdown. The score is tied again at 21-21.

The Lions start off the fourth quarter receiving the kick off from the Gorillas. They are unable to get a first down and punt the ball away. Tight end, Tomm Gillies, catches the ball and runs from the 25 yard line to the 40 yard line tackled by the safety, Alex Suh, of The New Mexico Lions. Both teams struggle on offense as they both have bad drives ending in punts. With the score tied at 21 to 21 and only minutes left we will soon see who is going to be the next Super Bowl champion. In this game there has been many great plays, some interceptions by both teams. People have thought that the Gillies Gorillas had a better shot at the trophy because of their offensive advantage. The Fourth Quarter continues with no points being scored by either team. It was stressful for both teams trying to get to the great Super Bowl. With only 45 seconds left on the clock, the Gorillas are deep in their own territory on their own 25 yard line. The team comes up with a wild play. Quarterback Mike Gillies drops back for a short pass to tight end Tomm Gillies. Tomm bobbles the ball and bounces off a defender finally pulling the ball in. He suddenly sees an open path to the end zone. He runs straight down the middle of the field. Wide receiver John Gillies is already ahead of him and throws himself against two defenders opening the way. Other wide receivers do the same to clear the path for Tomm. Almost out of breath Tomm gives it everything he’s got and beats the last defender by jumping over his head and rolling into the end zone. The amazing play helped the Gillies Gorillas get the touchdown and win the Super Bowl. Other big plays during this season have helped The Gillies Gorillas become Super Bowl Champions.

The Trophy ceremony was a great success. Even though The New Mexico Lions didn’t win they still had the pride of getting to the Super Bowl after all. Tomm Gillies shared the win with all his teammates especially his brothers, John and Mike Gillies. During the trophy ceremony the team poured Gatorade over Tomm Gillies’ other brother, Coach Pete Gillies. Retired Gillies Gorillas kicker, Jim Gillies was there to cheer them on as he was one of their biggest fans. I enjoyed writing about this event. Even though it wasn’t real I know this would be a great game to watch especially since it had my Dad in it!

By: Quinn Gillies

Karate School

I go to Karate at Montella’s Academy of Self Defense. When I first get to class I take off my shoes and get my attendance card. I wear black Karate pants and a black GI top and a yellow belt. Before I bow into the dojo I wait until Shihan Chris or Shihan Wendy or Shodan Tyler calls me by rank. When I bow into the dojo I line up in front position by rank. After that we bow to our teacher and to the American flag and then we go down to do warm ups. Some of the warm ups are; the army crawl, bear crawl, backwards seal crawl, crabwalk, running backwards and running forwards. Next we go back in our line and do star blocks. Next we do basics. These are some of the basics I learned; front punch, back punch, vertical punch, front back kick, instep kick, hammer strike, hammer strike low, back fist, side kick, back kick, inward knife, cross knife, spear hand, inside crescent kick and outside crescent kick. Next we do our forms. These are some of the forms I have learned; menacing twirl, bending tree, rotating destruction B, rotating destruction A, circling umbar, checking the storm, downward hammer, buckling branch, hammering vice and cobra. After that we use our weapons. These are the weapons I have used so far; nun chucks, tonfas and Bo staff. After that we get our helmets on to get ready for chambra. After that we bow to our teacher and the American flag again and then we are dismissed.

I like Karate because it teaches me how I can defend myself. It also makes me feel strong, powerful and confident.

By: Meghan Gillies

Frog Fun

Frog eggs are laid in the water in the Spring. The eggs are clear jelly with a dark center. Eggs are together in a clump. Tiny tadpoles are growing inside their eggs. First they are tiny tadpoles and then they get bigger and get out of their eggs. Next they eat their eggs. They breathe underwater through their gills before they grow lungs. The tadpole eats and grows until it becomes a frog. A tadpole’s big tail helps it swim. After a few weeks they grow their hind legs and then they grow their front legs and lose their gills. Now they have lungs and they go above water to breathe air. Now that the tadpole is big it eats small bugs. It’s not a frog yet because it has to lose its tail first. After about 3 months the tadpole has changed into a small frog. The small frog doesn’t go in the water as much as the tadpole because they live on land. But they still live close to the water. The small frog eats bugs and worms until it is full grown. A frog is full grown in about 2-3 years.

    Did you know that the Green Poison Arrow Frog’s father carries the tadpoles on his back without the tadpoles falling off?

    I read “From Tadpole to Frog” by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld and “Who Grows Up in the Rain Forest” by Theresa Longenecker. I really like frogs and learning about frogs.

By: Cole Gillies

The Blizzard of 2013 (NEMO)

Before the Storm: I interviewed my grandmother from Swampscott, Massachusetts and my Auntie Samantha from Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts. My Gramma bought groceries and she parked her car at the end of the driveway. Since my Gramma and Grampa live near the ocean she was concerned about high tide and flooding. My Auntie Samantha bought groceries as well and she also went to stay with a friend in case she lost power. My mom bought gas for the car and we went to the store and bought a snow car cleaner, ice melt that was safe for our dog, and we went to Trader Joe’s to stock up on food. I had a lot of fun during the storm because we got to drink hot chocolate and make brownies. We also got to play outside and make a snowman. Our cousins got to stay with us because they lost power at their house and they had no heat. I had a lot of fun after the storm.

By: Cole Gillies

    During the Storm: I spent the storm checking on weather conditions throughout the area. I called my family members, and watched The Weather Channel. I also reported from my back yard and that was fun.

On Friday February 8, 2013 at 9:35 am in Swampscott, MA it was windy, and snow began in the morning and it was a light blowing snow. The conditions were the same in Somerset, MA too. At 10am Boston, MA had a dusting of snow and New York City had sleet. The reporter from The Weather Channel reporting from Boston said that there could be 40 inches of snow in NH & MA. There were worries about coastal flooding and beach erosion in Revere, MA. High tides are 9:30pm Friday and 10:00am on Saturday. They are predicting 12-14 foot waves for Friday night in Revere. Twenty Five foot waves were predicted for Scituate, MA and the Southeast facing coast line. At 10:10am in Manchester by the Sea it was overcast, no precipitation, and it was very calm. My Aunt said that Canadian Geese had flown over earlier.

By 11am it had changed to rain in New York City but a Blizzard Warning was in effect. In Providence, RI the prediction was 3-5 inches of snow for Friday with Blizzard conditions and 25-40 mph winds. Friday night there would be 12-18 more inches, Blizzard conditions and winds 30-60 mph. On Saturday they predicted 2-4 more inches of snow, Blizzard conditions and the wind 30-60 mph. There was also less visibility in Revere, MA at 11am. Warnings came in from Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, asking drivers to clear the roads by noon. CT State Police recommend drivers stay off the roads. Air Travel reported 3,000 flights already cancelled. Portland, ME was predicted to have similar weather to Providence, RI. At noon all streets in Massachusetts were closed. Portland, ME police report a 19 car pile-up on a snowy highway. Two hundred more flights cancelled. In Boston, MA at 2:18 the weather update predicted that there would be 2-4 inches with Blizzard conditions today with 25-45 mph winds, and at night there would be 12-18 more inches of snow along with 30-60 mph winds. Blizzard conditions were expected on Saturday February 9th with 5-8 additional inches of snow along with 35-60 mph winds. I also learned that New Jersey transit suspended some of its bus and rail service. New York’s governor declared a State of Emergency.

During the storm there was a lot of fun and a lot more snow than I expected. We got to go outside and play on Friday and Saturday. We also had a tree fall down that almost broke our swing set. A few years ago another tree had fallen and it did break out swing set. There was so much snow expected that there was no school in town on Friday. Our cousins, Jake & Ella, lost power so they got to stay over on Saturday. They lost power on Friday night right before they went to bed. They couldn’t come over early on Saturday because their street was not plowed. It got so cold at their house that they were on the couch with many blankets. My Auntie Deb-Deb said it was only 35 inside their house. They came over on Saturday night as soon as there street was plowed. They stayed over until Sunday when they found out there house had the power back on. We got to go sledding together and we also helped make a gigantic fort in our front yard that was awesome. I’m glad they got to sleep over and I’m also glad they got their power back as soon as possible. We didn’t lose power but we lost our television connection on Friday night and weren’t able to gather more weather facts from The Weather Channel. Our friends in Connecticut got a lot more snow than expected. They did not prepare as much as we did either as they hadn’t heard they would get so much snow. They got close to 40 inches.

I got to learn that one big storm can be cool but it’s not always that fun because things can happen that are not expected. People lost power, there were car accidents, and there were fallen trees and other things that are not great. We were lucky with this storm just like we were lucky with Hurricane Sandy. Storms are fun to report on and I hope when there is a new storm I can do this again. I learned that it takes a whole team to report the weather even when one person is more experienced than the others. A meteorologist studies the weather and helps us get prepared for weather that comes. I hope my mom can post the video reports I did from the back yard. That was fun!

By: Quinn Gillies

After the Storm: During the storm my cousins, Jake & Ella, had to come to my house because they lost power. They had to wait until after the storm was over to go home. The storm began on Friday February 8, 2013 and it ended on Sunday February 10, 2013. There was so much snow our street was very hard to drive on. I remember a car that tried to get up the street and its wheels kept getting stuck in the snow. We got over 2 feet of snow. My grandmother in Swampscott, MA got 30 inches of snow. Their neighbors helped them snow blow their driveway because the snow was too heavy for them to shovel. I helped shovel after the storm and we got to go sledding with our cousins. When we went sledding Ella said that she went faster every time she went down the hill when she screamed. I don’t think that is why she went down faster. I think she went down faster because she was staying on the track that we had made. She and I shared my pink saucer. My cousin, Justin, who goes to college in Connecticut got over 40 inches of snow. I remember Dad telling me that when he was in college and there was a lot of snow they went sledding on their lunch trays. I wonder if my cousin, Justin, did that. After we went sledding we got to drink hot chocolate. I like my hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream.

During the storm on Friday we built a snowman and called him “Blizzard.” He got covered in lots of snow. After a couple of days when we went to go to see Blizzard he was a chunk of ice covered in snow. Even though there was no school in our town on Friday we watched the weather on TV and we learned a lot about the storm and about weather. I had a lot of fun during the blizzard. It was fun to have my cousins sleep over during the storm. There was a lot of snow in February. I like the snow. I almost forgot to tell you but a big tree in our back yard fell down during the storm. We weren’t able to see it until Sunday. It was leaning on our swing set. We had to wait until the storm was over before we could cut it up. Our neighbor helped my dad and we are lucky that the swing set did not break. The tree finally is gone. We had to wait until the snow melted before the tree could be removed. My brother, Cole, and my dad brought the branches to the front yard so that the town could collect them. It’s been a long winter even though the groundhog didn’t see his shadow but I had fun. Spring is coming soon but I will miss the snow.

By: Meghan Gillies

Winter is Fun!


Outside the Box

On Tuesdays I go to Outside the Box at the Old Town Hall in Somerset, MA from 12:30 to 2:30. At Outside the Box there are crafts and games you can meet new friends and play with other homeschoolers. Kids that go to Outside the Box are from little kids to teenagers. Some of the kids that go to Outside the Box are; Brynna, Jillian, Alex, Nathan, Seth, Luke and my brothers Quinn and Cole. The adults play the games too. These are some of the games I like to play; Timeline, Ticket to Ride and Dixit. Dixit is a story telling game. Right now I am interviewing Cole and Quinn to find out what games they like to play at Outside the Box. Cole likes to play with Imaginext, Flux, and Super Mario Chess. Quinn likes to play Timeline, Stratego, Flux, Small World, Ticket to Ride, and play with Imaginext toys. When everyone arrives at Outside the Box the kids go off and do crafts, play games and play with toys. The adults talk to each other and play games too. I go to Outside the Box because it is very fun and I love to do art. It’s also fun to meet other people. If you know a homeschooler tell them about Outside the Box. I can’t wait to meet new friends.

By: Meghan Gillies

My First Time at Cub World

I went to Cub World in Pascoag, Rhode Island on Saturday February 16th. Winter fun day at Cub World is for cub scouts and their families and their friends too. There are three different areas of Cub World. There is Dodge City, Dolphin & Eagle Pirate Ships and a medieval castle. I did a lot of things at Cub World. First I made a crocodile made out of beads with my Dad. Next I did BB gun practice. I wore eye goggles for protection and I learned about gun safety before I used my BB gun. Then my brother and I played snow soccer. We were hungry and we had a snack. Then we played archery. None of us hit the target. Don’t worry better luck next time. I really want to go to Cub World next year.

By: Cole Gillies

Recommended Homeschooling Websites

Recommended by: Quinn, Meghan & Cole Gillies

Thank you for reading the Gillies Gazette! Look for next month’s issue where we will be writing about our families’ history (Genealogy) and much more!


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