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I love getting recommendations for websites that my son will enjoy, and it’s also great when I enjoy the site myself. I came across recently and I think it’s fantastic. Another homeschooler had posted it on a homeschooling site, and since I am quite a do-it-yourselfer, I figured I would check it out. It is rather interesting because it is a huge collection of do-it-yourself projects and videos tailored to kids. You can learn tons of things from this site, and get videos that go along with it. It’s very good for a visual learner.

Many of the videos are done by kids, but there are also videos and projects done by adults as well. Some pretty neat stuff if you ask me. The site was started for young people to be “makers”. In hopes that be learning and building, a child can do anything they want to. It’s great for kids, to see the completed work of a fellow crafter. It may even spark their own creativity.

The categories in range from cooking and baking to woodworking and mechanical engineering, and many, many more.  Fun for kids, easy to use, very helpful and it’s a place where kids can create and share their creations with others.

They also have an app which makes it easy to create and share directly from your phone. I love this site and I think it is just too good not to share.



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