Board game education


We at OTB love board games! They are so fun, highly entertaining and a great family activity; but they are also quite educational. Board games can help a child learn letters, or numbers or can help with reading or writing and they can even assist with math, geography and science.

Games that focus on letters like Boggle, Upwords or Scrabble can be great tools for letter recognition, phonetics and reading. Monopoly, Payday and Life can help with learning about money. Games like Operation and Perfection help with motor skills. Physics can be taught with games like topple and Jenga. Many games can even help with paying attention, following basic rules, cooperation and even social skills.

So many things can be learned from a board game. Let’s take Monopoly for example.

IMG_1466Monopoly is played with 2 dice, so a child needs to add the pips on the dice together in order to know how many spaces to move: addition. The child needs to know that the pips on the die represent numbers: number representation. They have to read the name of the property they land on: reading. They have to add up the currency in order to buy a property or pay rent: money handling skills. They need to know percentages for the income tax or to mortgage properties: percent values. Etc… There are various skills that correspond with just this one game, it’s great. And the best part about it is that it’s a game and it’s fun. Your child learns and has fun in the process. It’s a win-win!



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