Paper making

This Tuesday at OTB we made paper. The kids really got into it and were intrigued by the process. First we started by tearing some egg cartons into a blender. The kids were quite meticulous in tearing the cartons into small pieces.

photo 1

Then came the fun part. After the pulp was made we put it onto our screen, placed some screening over it and squished it. Some of the kids really got into this part rolling their sleeves up high and getting messy.

photo 2

We then made some shapes by placing the pulp into cookie cutters which were used as molds. We transferred our made paper onto screens so the kids would be able to see them dry at home and after a day they will have their own handmade paper. Paper making is a wonderful craft to do with kids. It’s inexpensive and easy. And kids really seem to like it!

photo 3


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