Peace and Prayers: Boston Marathon Bombing

No matter what your religion or your feelings in the world I hope you’ll take a moment to pray for those fallen, and those injured and for those shaken up so much by what happened this afternoon at the Boston Marathon today. One thing we didn’t think would be part of our homeschooling day. Explaining “Why would this happen Mommy?”

We spent a beautiful afternoon at the park enjoying spending some time riding bikes, enjoying the local school’s playground since it’s school vacation week  and open for all to play. The kids ran, they biked fast down the hills, and biked up the hills, around the school they went. Running playing and having an amazing time. I got cold, a pair of sneakers broke and it was time to go home after 2 hours of sheer joy and fun had by all. Within moments of being in the car all I heard on the radio was “it’s a shame and prayers for Boston.” I shut the radio off and drove home. We got sidetracked by being asked to play with a neighbor and before I knew it – it was past 5pm and I turned on the computer and poof there it was. The live feed was playing on my laptop and I was in shock. I’d always grown up watching the Boston Marathon- I’d even gone to watch it once. I was in shock. Unbeknownst to me my 6 year old was behind me. He paused my computer- and said “Mommy lets pray.” I didn’t know what to do but of course do as he asked. I am not particularly religious but I am prayerful ever since my husband got sick- I sort of found God. But regardless of your belief system what is more pure than a child just asking to pray and this was my son’s prayer…” God please keep everyone safe that got hurt, keep our family safe and please keep the world safe…” and that was it. I shut my laptop as I didn’t want to scare him. We talked about what had happened and the computer has been on now and again so I could get updates and make sure my Boston Marathon Runner friends and family are safe.

I wasn’t planning on teaching my kids about fear, terrorism and what we can do today but that was not the world’s plans. I hope you will take some time to stand together, and be strong for our state capital as well as for a town that is near and dear to my heart.

Prayers and love from this homeschooling family to all of you.

(this post was mine alone and hopefully none of the comments have offended anyone. It is not affiliated with any religion or any organization.)


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