Our current schedule for August – September 2013

8/13 Fort Taber, New Bedford, MA at 10:00 AM

8/20 Lloyd Demarest, Dartmouth, MA at 10:00 AM

8/27 WWI Memorial Park, N. Attleboro –meet in parking lot (bring carrots!!) 10:00 AM

9/2 Pierce’s Beach, Somerset, MA 10:30 AM

9/10 Apponogansett Beach, Dartmouth, MA 10:30 AM

9/17 Boyden Wildlife Refuge, Taunton, MA 10:30 AM

9/24 Pratt Farm, Middleboro, MA 10:30 AM

This is our current meeting schedule and locations for August – September 2013 weather permitting.  If we encounter rain, etc, our default plan is to meet at the Old Town Hall in Somerset (Rt. 138 next to the Somerset Library) for indoor games and activities at 12:30 PM on Tuesdays.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at outsidetheboxhomeschoolers@gmail.com

Also, check out our Facebook page for more information or watch for our announcements on the Yahoo! support groups, like MHLA, Berkley Area Homeschoolers and Southcoast Homeschoolers.


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