NERF League Somerset, MA

Nerf League is a weekly get-together for kids who love to play with Nerf guns.  Here is the basic info:

Where: Indoor soccer field at Teamworks 732 Lees River Ave, Somerset, MA 02725
When: Every Friday
Time: 3:30 pm is set-up, 4 -5 pm games

Examples of Games:
Capture the Flag – Steal the other teams flag and get it to your base
Defend the Castle – Get your team’s flag into the center “castle” and defend it
Infection (Zombie) – Begin with 2+ “infected” and everyone else is a survivor. Survivors become infected if touched by an infected
Team Arena – Team against team fight – we tally the number of “hits” for each team to determine the winner

What to bring:
Nerf gun (labeled with child’s name) Also, please label clips and other parts that may come off the gun.
Eye protection (goggles, sun glasses, etc.)
Bottle of water
$5 per child to play

No minimum or maximum age for the kids, but most kids are between 5 and 15 years old.  This league was started by homeschoolers, but everyone is welcome to join in and play!

This is a drop-in league – no contract, no minimum required. Check in and pay at the office to get your child’s hand stamped.  We provide red and blue bandannas for the kids to use and a through of Nerf darts to share (standard orange Nerf darts, please plan accordingly).

For questions or to be added to our email list, contact Krysten at


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