Moving and how you homeschool in a new place

So we moved to Chicago-land- (apparently that is what you call it if you live within Cook and part of Lake County in Illinois).  We moved to a town (large in size 60,000+ people) called Palatine.

Palatine is a nice town with a small town feel. It was founded in the 1803’s after soldiers who were in the Black Hawk War of 1832 returned to New England and NY praising the green prairies and fertile lands of Illinois. New Englanders and New York residents settled here in the mid-late 1830’s and Palatine was founded.

Quinn, Meghan and Cole, John and myself have settled in quite nicely having only arrived 2 short weeks ago. The movers came 15 days ago and I am proud to say we were all unpacked – all 150+ boxes in a week. I was a little crazed waking up daily at 3-5am to open boxes til midnight- finding everything a home or purging even more than we had before we left. We moved from a 1680 square foot house with a full unfinished basement to a 1265 sq. ft. house with no basement BUT it has a nice DRY garage. So thankfully we can fit our basement shelves in the garage- albeit a tight fit we can still fit in both cars for the winter. The yard is quite nice and the house itself has a great feel- a tri-level with a main level with DR/Kitchen/LR (with  a back door to nice patio/yard) and down 6 steps to a large Family Room , full bath and Utility/Laundry/Pantry room with door to the outside. From the main level 6 steps up to 3 adequate bedrooms (kids are smaller than they had back home and we have a larger room) and a full bath with open hallway/railing looking down onto Living space/main floor. It’s quite nice and working out well for us.

We have joined a homeschooling group called Arlington H.O.U.S.E. – its associated with Illnois H.O.U.S.E. and its a non-religious homeschooling group which has weekly park days. Of course I volunteered and am doing their FB page as well as helping coordinate with the main Illinois H.O.U.S.E. organization taking over for the founder (who founded the group in 2004 I think?) who is moving to Canada in the Spring. I found that volunteering for Outside the Box was so helpful to us being committed and fully involved that we should do the same here and make our OTB family proud!

We have also joined the Navigators, an inclusive co-ed scouting group, which we love. It’s hosted by the local Unitarian Church but has no religious affiliations. It is welcome to all regardless of beliefs (religious or otherwise) and all people are welcome.

I have found fast friends, and great homeschooling people. Our neighbors are great (we have met 3 families so far). They have told us about the local farmer’s market where we found LOCAL honey already and yummy pretzel bread. We have found a great new grocery store- Mariano’s Fresh Market and we have found much more as well.

Moving is daunting and finding new doctors is no different. We did some research got told a lot of “sorry we are NOT accepting new patients” and then got a nice referral from the Eye doctor whom we were personally referred to by a friend local to here. So we went and met Dr. Ruttenberg last week and he spent 45 minutes with us getting a detailed history from the kids and myself and it was a FREE meet and greet. Unfortunately Quinn got sick over the weekend and he needed to be seen on SUnday so we discovered an easy weekend (off doc office hours) place to go- Walgreens Clinic local to us as well just a few minutes away. Quinn was quickly diagnosed with Strept Throat and he’s on the mend- easy to get his medicine as well as we were already at our favorite pharmacy, Walgreens.

Meanwhile we have found the Palatine Library- actually we found it on our “what town should we live in?” tour of the area in June. The library is why we moved here. Palatine Public Library has lots of FREE programs for anyone to attend but they have some extra special ones for card-holders ONLY and Quinn well he made a decision for us all- “Mom & Dad – we have to move to Palatine- their library is the BEST!” Who can argue with that- so it narrowed down our search for a rental house and we found one luckily within biking distance of the Library. Did I forget to tell you we live within minutes of the Palatine Trail? A bike path that is awesome! I have only walked part of it while Cole was on his scooter. I need to purchase a helmet and also get Cole on his bike so he can ride along with us. But either way the bike path is a great resource for us all. John, Quinn and Meghan have enjoyed riding bikes a few nights a week since we arrived.

I am off to see the new Veterinarian this AM as well so Tyke has a new doctor too! John and I think we found a new doctor as well and are looking forward to meeting her once our insurance allows a new patient/physical appt. We will go in Jan/Feb time frames. Meghan has a new eye doctor whom we’ll see early November and other than that I think we did it- finished all the “we have to find new…this or that’s.”

So moving stinks- but it allowed us to purge 30-40% of all our stuff before we left- not furniture really – mostly just crud we’d stored in the basement or stuff we no longer needed. The kids parted with 40% of their toys and embraced the changes. Donating most of it to folks who needed it and whom we either knew or would hear of its use for future. Meghan was particularly happy that her duplo bin went to the Dighton Library where her friends could use it.

We are looking forward to a full week – Homeschool group, field trip to Sonny Acre Farms, Civil War Days this weekend at Dollinger Farm, and a trip to see MA friends at the FIELD Museum in Chicago. Hope you are all having fun this week too!

Allie & the gang who now live in Chicago-land 😉


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