Full “STE(A)M” Ahead!

Outside the Box Homeschoolers / Teens are taking on the challenge of a STEM curriculum with some art inserted in there for the “A” as inspired by Curiosity Hacked (aka Hacker Scouts) who unfortunately are just too far away for us  to participate in.  Here’s what we’ve done so far!


We took on a couple of design and engineering challenges from PBS Kids Force activities, including the two wheel balloon car and the Extreme Ball Kicker (see video down the bottom).


Art activities included the 3D Snowflake, the onion ornamentfelting and making paper beads.


Starting in the new year, we will begin making potato batteries and learning how motors work before moving on to some fun activities building things with mini motors and LED lights. We also plan to learn how to knit / crochet, learn about sewing and 3D printing and do some fun science experiments.

And of course, we always leave time for the kids to get some games in.






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