Village STEAM Field Trips

We have been really enjoying a lot of field trips this school year set up by another awesome homeschooling mom (Tina).  She decided that there were a lot of neat free things to do here in New England and used her past experience, innovation and ingenuity to open those experiences up as field trips for other homeschoolers, and she did it all free of charge.

The MIT Edgerton Center offers free classes to both homeschoolers and public school classrooms  and lots of other cool things like Science on Saturday and summer opportunities.  MIT is a fantastic place that offers amazing learning opportunities like Splash! and Spark!  Tina also got us a really neat field trip to MIT’s Koch Center to tour their lab, and their Plasma Science and Fusion Center.


Mystic Aquarium is a great New England destination for hands-on science and animals. My kids loved watching the Beluga Whales and the Seal show as well as the amazing Titanic exhibit.


One really neat thing Tina set up was a field trip to QinetiQ Robotics after hours (I don’t think this place typically does tours). The kids got to see the robots and even drive some of them!


Tina has recently moved her field trips to a new website Village STEAM where all these field trips are offered for a nominal fee to cover the cost of the web site and Paypal fees.  Some of our history field trips will also be offered through the site. If you are homeschooling in Massachusetts, it’s definitely worth a look!


For some ideas for other great homeschool field trips with a STEM frameworks (or STEAM), take a look at these places:

Boston Museum of Science
Tufts University School of Engineering
Mass General Hospital Research
Roger Williams Zoo
Roger Williams Planetarium
Rhode Island Computer Museum
The Hall at Patriot Place


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