TapeTricity: Circuitry, Engineering and Art

My friend Jenn is kind of a rock star! She organized this awesome activity (as well as our two part lesson on the science of sound and music). We decided to do this before Valentines day, in case anyone needed a card for that ‘someone special’.

This simple activity can be found here:


Watch this video to get the full picture:

Card Stock
LED Lights
Coin Cell Batteries
Metal (insulator) tape
Electrical tape



Here are some tips to help you make your own tapetricity cards at home or with your homeschool group or co-op.

1. Have the children design and decorate their cards first so that they can plan where to put the LED lights.

2. When you use the metal tape, make sure that the connections to the LED are placed on TOP of the metal tape and not underneath it. The glue in the metal tape will act as an insulator if you try to tape the LED leads down under the metal tape. Use electrical tape on top of the leads to secure them to the metal tape where you want them. (the same goes for the battery).

3. Make sure you pay attention to which side of the battery is connected to the short and long side of the LED. The shorter end of the LED should connect to the negative side of the battery.




Where to get your supplies:

If you have some planning time, you can get LEDs and coin cell batteries a little cheaper by ordering them from Aliexpress or Amazon ( usually ships from China).

You can also pick up these supplies at Radio Shack, but it will be more expensive.




I highly recommend this project for kids of all ages. We had so much fun with it, and I know you will too!


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