My Top 10 Favorite FREE Educational Sites

As homeschoolers, free resources are like precious gems. Here are some of my most precious gems.

1. Khan Academy

A lot of homeschoolers use Khan Academy for it’s fantastic math tutorials and practice. It can also be used for science, history, computer programming and civics. Check out all the subjects and videos available.

2. ReadWriteThink

We use this a lot for printables and graphic organizers, but it has lesson plans and student interactives available.


We use this site pretty much every day for my younger child. Lots of great printables for practice for both all subjects. Leveled worksheets and lesson plans are also available.

4. Vocab Grabber

This is a fantastic resource that you can use to put together spelling lists and vocabulary words relevant to what your child is reading and learning.

5. Headmagnet

This can be used to help a child study for anything from multiplication tables to social studies facts.

6. Discovery Education

Free science resources, lesson plans and more.

7. Mythbusters

Free resources, experiments and challenges.

8.  The Smithsonian Channel

Great resource for Science, Social Studies, History and Civics topics.


Science and social studies / history topics.

10. Duolingo

Learn any language for free.


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