STEM Activity: Jar Terrariums



This fun activity was part of our mini-biology / earth sciences “unit” (so to speak). I found the activity here at Don’t Mess with Mama.  Here’s what you will need to make these lovely things in your home or group:

  • small gravel or pebbles (1/4 cup for pint sized jar)
  • activated charcoal (1/4 cup for pint sized jar)
  • potting soil (1/2 cup)
  • tools to position plants (chopsticks, tweezers) and a small spoon if your jar is really small
  • spray bottle with water

The supplies cost us about $2 per person, plus we had everyone bring their own jar or container to build their terrariums in. We set the supplies up assembly-line style, and had the kids do a scoop of each item before choosing the plant/s they wanted in their miniature garden. We also brought some little figures to decorate their finished product.

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This was an excellent and inexpensive project to do to continue our biology unit. Hope you try it out! Send us pictures of your results!



3 thoughts on “STEM Activity: Jar Terrariums

    1. I just looked up ecocolumn – hadn’t heard of it before. I’d love to see pix if you get it together. Sounds like a good activity for our group next year.

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